October 20, 2008

Thank the Lord, For He Is So Good!

I usually find myself writing about the church and how God provides for us in such neat and wonderful ways but today I just didn't want to nor couldn't limit my praise for God's provision and goodness just to church related things because God really showed Himself mighty today in taking such good care of my son Andy! Andy got up very early this morning (4:15 am) to embark on his trip to Scotland to do several things there, including getting to hear his favorite preacher, Alistair Begg, speak at a special service! But after leaving Roaoke, he found himself sitting in the Dulles airport for quite awhile waiting to leave and go to JFK. After waiting for a good amount time, he actually had one person who works for the airlines tell him, that he might be better off going back to Atlanta, then back to Roanoke, where he could get up in the morning and try this all over again! It short, it would be impossible for him to get on the flight he needed to get on to go to JFK and then onward to Scotland. When you fly standby you always have that possibility, but then again, with God on your side you might just have other things take place. With things looking a little bleak, I was reminded that with things looking "impossible' this is exactly where we need to be, so we can then see God do the "impossible" and we will then know that without a doubt, beyond our power, that it was totally God doing the impossible. So did Andy make his flight? Did he actually get on the plane that he needed to get on? Yes he did, and not only did he make the flight, but right at this time, he is on his way to Scotland and he is flying first class to get there! God is sooooooooooooo good! He is truly an amazing God full of grace, mercy, love, and yes.......provision, just when we need it! Praise the Lord for His blessings!

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