October 8, 2008

A Good Study Time!

God continues to bless us richly and encourage our hearts, just like last night at our Bible Study when we had 18 folks come out to enjoy the "Morals From Mayberry" series! It was just so good to see all those people come in, find a place, and take part in the Bible study.
I know it encouraged me and certainly blessed Ginny's heart too when we see a good number of people show up and enjoy the things we have planned for them! So God certainly blessed and encouraged us greatly last night! And twinning the Andy Griffith Show together with a Bible story or characater seems to work well, especially since the Andy Griffith show has so many good moral lessons in the episodes. So praise the Lord, and it is just so good to know we, with God's big blessing, are making hopefully an eternal difference.

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