July 6, 2008

Take a "Listen", to what the Lord has Done!

I just wanted to follow up my last post with another bit of information about this past week of my speaking at Camp Ta-pa-win-go in Tennesse. We, that is the Moser family, has been going to this camp for almost 20 years now and we have often witnessed the Lord work on the hearts of both campers and conselors alike and this year was no exception. Many guys came up and told me that the Lord really touched their heart this week and that they had made a decision to follow Him more closely and to let go of some of the things the Lord had spoke to them about and to live for Him more strongly in certain areas of their life. So it was a blessing to see all these decisions being made and all these hearts being "tenderized" by the Master. But not only did God work in a terrific and mighty way, by saving and renewing the hearts of many folks who prayed and got their life right with the Lord, but "Uncle Paul" was a big blessing to me and really out did himself by recording all my messages and almost immeadiately putting them on the podcast of the camp so campers could listen to them again and again even after they left camp and returned home. Paul really worked hard to do this and I appreciate him so much for putting forth this big effort in helping the campers to be able to listen again to the messages that God used to touch their hearts. So often campers hate to leave camp and return to the "world" in which they live normallly because they wish they could take a part of what made camp so special to them this week back home with them to help them continue to live strongly for the Lord and to keep faithful in the decision they made to the Lord at camp. Now, maybe they can stand a better chance in doing this by listening over and over to what God used at camp to grab their heart. While I know I may not be the greatest speaker in the world, I am grateful God used me and my words to show Himself mighty this week in the lives of so many young people. I am blessed, humbled, and indeed grateful that He lets me be a part of His great work. The web site address for the camp is http://www.cbmcamp.com/ and the place to go to find these messages is to the left under "Cool Camper Clicks" then just click on Camp Audio Stuff and you'll be set. God bless and good listening if you decide to check these messages out. While you won't get to see all the powerpoint slides or movie clips I used, hopefully you can still check out the main points of the messages and be encouraged and blessed. Again, I praise the Lord for all He did and still is doing to help use me to be a blessing to others. I am grateful and He indeed is great.

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