July 16, 2008

Conference & Upcoming Event

It doesn't seem like it's been that long since the last post I made but time does fly! I was excited yesterday as I nailed down the details of Ginny, Andy, Ashley, and I all planning to attend the Innovate Conference that will be held in Lynchburg at Thomas Roads Baptist Church in the first part of August this summer. I am excited to get to hear and learn from some very blessed pastors from across the nation. I have read books by Jim Cymbala and Rick Warren and now I get to hear them speak, so it ought to be great! And the Lord was again so kind to me in that all four of us get to go at a greatly reduced price because God opened up some doors that allowed me speak to some folks that helped me to attend much cheaper than I thought I might initially have to pay. So hopefully all of us will go and enjoy ourselves and be blessed and be ready to come back and be a blessing to others! Our second outreach effort for the church will be this Saturday so prayerfully it will go well and we will have even more people than last time. We are showing a movie complete with Spanish subtitles. This way we can establish friendships and be able to make some contacts that we can later use to go and visit and get folks interested in the church and in learning more about Jesus. God continues to bless us with the desire to serve Him by serving others. And another big, big, blessing of this week was the fact my daughter-in-law Ashley got a job, so that's great and again a reminder that God provides for our needs! He's so good! And I think the best is yet to come!

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