July 5, 2008

God is Amazing, just like His Grace!

I wanted to tell those of you who prayed for me while I was speaking at camp this week in Tennesse that God certainly answered your and my prayers! I had the opportunity to speak a total of 9 times and on several occasions both in the morning and evening and God just showed Himself mighty! We started off the week on a good note Monday night and the campers seemed to listen well. And then after I finished and about everybody had left, I noticed a conselor sitting talking with a camper and the camper soon bowed his head and asked the Lord to save him! When I went over after they were talking, he told me " I just got saved"! That's always great news when I hear it! So again, we got off to a fine start on Monday night! On Tuesday night, several responded by coming up and praying which was very good but on Thursday night, it just seemed like the Lord broke out revival! It was just so amazing! I finished speaking and just bowed down myself at the front and started praying for God to just touch hearts and show Himself to the campers and just consume the place. With the Amazing Grace video by Chris Tomlin being played for our invitation, I was just humbled before God myself as I bowed and prayed thanking God for how He had touched my heart and how I just wanted Him to use what I had said to touch others. I then noticed a couple of campers coming up and praying on both sides of me. Then there was a few more. Then a few more, and I soon had to move because there was hardly no room at the front to kneel. God just touched heart after heart and people were coming up crying, praying, and getting things settled with God. I had the opportunity to listen to several young people share their heart and what God had spoke to them about and then pray with them. This went on for quite a while, and the next thing I knew, there must have been about 30 to 40 campers (maybe more) who camp up and prayed. Our service started at 8:15 and I believe we ended about 10:00 or later with several still sitting, praying, and talking with conselors. Several shared at the campfire later that night on what they prayed about and how God had touched their heart about making a decision for Him. Then on Friday morning, apparently God wasn't through working yet! After giving the invitation for folks to come down and pray as God led them, I looked down and normally I don't even worry about numbers or am not too concerned with them, but I thought I would just count the number who were praying while I waiting as God again touched hearts, and 17 campers were on their knees talking to God about things He had spoke to them about. It was just an amazing week and to God be all the Glory! Thanks for praying and being a very important part in the working, saving, renewing, and delivering of souls and lives for Jesus Christ this week! Thank you so much. I'm still praising Him!

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