July 8, 2008

A Great Monday!

Some may expect a "let-down" after having such a great, great, week at Camp Ta-pa-win-go last week but the Lord didn't let up on His blessings at all! I had been thinking about going to a conference that's coming up soon but just didn't want to spend too much moneny on it, so I called to inquire about the Innovate Conference that's coming at Thomas Roads Baptist Church on August 11-13 and ended up with a great surprise and blessing. It turns out since I am planting a church that's associated with the SBCV that if I join the Liberty Baptist Fellowship that I can go to all conferences absolutely free! And that's not all! If the church sends in a certain amount each month, I can actually take classes at Liberty University absolutely free too! WoW! I was surprised and yet I shouldn't be, it just seems like God continues to show Himself mighty! And even later I met someone when I was working out at the gym who may be very helpful in getting some flyers out for the next movie we will be having on Saturday July 19th. If this person can help as much as they implied, we could have a really good number of people there, so that would be great. So again, God is good...........of course I should just expect mighty blessings from Him the way He has showed Himself so good these past few days!

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