August 5, 2008

Staying Faithful!

I can't believe it's August already and that summer is flying right by. I am keeping busy with teaching summer school and helping the rest of the family to remodel Andy's old room so he and Ashley can enjoy a new look but I want to still always be looking for ways to tell others about the Lord and about the church that He's called us to plant. I must admit in recent months we seemed so busy doing things and right now, I don't seem to be doing as much or getting things ready as much as I would like to, but the Lord just seems to tell me to be patient and that He will grow things in His own timing and in His own way. Tonight I was thinking of how I would like to tell others about the church and about the way God has touched my heart in these past few months and given me a burden to share my faith, and lo' and behold, Ginny and I took some things to Goodwill and we ended up telling the person who came out to get our items about the church and how God is working and we ended up having a real good time and conversation with a "total" stranger, but one who I think God had cross our paths on purpose. So just when I want to share.........God brings someone across our path to do just that. Isn't He Amazing? And always has been and always will be! Praise the Lord and let's all continue to be found faithful for Him!

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