August 17, 2008

God Is Good, All The Time!

I have had a good day, and God has been good to me (as always) and encouraged me to keep going, cause He's with me and in the vision He has given me to start a church and share my faith more with others. First we went to my native Giles County to enjoy the yearly family reunion and not only was it nice to see friends and family, but I got to give a pocket power testament booklet to someone who after hearing me say we were going to start a church hopefully some time this fall, said "well, I need something in my life". Who knows but the Lord might have just planted a seed in the heart of that person to not only come to our church but come to our Savior as well. And then after getting back home, I went to work out at the gym and saw someone there whose family has moved from Giles to Roanoke and will probably be needing a church to go to. I hadn't seen this person for a good while, and I remembered that the last time we spoke that she shared that her family was going to move but I couldn't remember when. And then I was reminded of her and her family when I traveled to Giles today, and I thought, "I'm going to have to hunt her down and ask when her family is going to move up here", and 'lo and behold the Lord lets me see her tonight and learn that her family is all here now and that they are indeed going to need a church to go to, so again, who knows, but that the Lord didn't plant several seeds today to bring folks into His church and maybe even into His family. God is Good, All the Time!

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