August 30, 2008

Good Week!

Wow, I can't believe I have waited so long to post more news about what God is doing both in my life and in the planting of Life Pointe church. I thought several times this past week about posting something when I saw things happening that I just knew had to be God working both on my street and in other places as well, but it seemed I was always busy doing so many things that I didn't get to, but never-the-less I will try to catch up on the posting now. First of all, I finished driving on Tuesday of this past week and on that morning I was touched by the Lord to just go over and pray with my neighbor who was having to go in to see about some internal bleeding. I am so glad I was listening to the Lord because as it turns out, my neighbor really needed someone that morning to not only pray with him, but just to be with him. God blessed and the check up for something that could have even been cancer and thus very serious turned out to be something much less serious and my neighbor is now doing much better and very appreciate of my coming over and just being with him when he needed someone. It was my blessing as well and I think God is doing a work now in my neighbors heart that only He could do and that He could have set up so beautifully. Another blessing this week was our final interview in Richmond to become full fledged church planters. My wife Ginny and I headed down to Richmond on Wednesday and after traveling in the rain (all day!) we arrived, had a good interview, and I think conveyed very well to those present at the interview exactly what the Lord has put on our hearts to do and how to plant the church that He's called us to plant. It was good and now we are one step closer to being church planters in a more fuller sense. And then there's the prizes that God has blessed me with for the Block Party that is coming up on September 20th. I have asked several businesses in the area to donate something and it has been amazing how stosres and businesses have responded so positively! It's great and it's God! So I am really encouraged and grateful to the Lord for all He's done. And finally, as if the Lord hasn't done enough this week, tonight Ginny and I were eating in Hardee's when I noticed someone talking on the cell phone and being very kind and thoughful to his son so I commented on that when he got off the phone and even ended up praying with him just to encourage him to keep that up and to be careful as he traveled. Turns out it was a major league baseball player that plays for the Cleveland Indians who just happened to be in Hardee's and was on his way back to the hotel where he was staying. I gave him a pocket testament and shared with him and it was again just really neat how God crossed our paths and let me share with a total stranger about God and how He is leading us to plant our church and to honor Him. God is amazing and sometimes He is just really amazing! And I almost forgot, He also saw fit to help a turtle across the busy interstate this moring after I just felt so compelled to pray for Him to do that. Little things, big things, it makes no difference, God hears us and answers us, and cares about us and our cares all the time.

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