September 8, 2008

WoW, God is Working and Blessing!

This has been a good week and it is only Monday! Yesterday I had the opportunity to go and speak at White Rock Baptist Church out on Hardy Road near Moneta and had a very good time! Ginny and I made the trip and I had the opportunity to share the vision God has given me to plant a church and also hopefully challenge the folks there to answer the call, whatever it is, that God has given to them. The people were receptive and very nice to me and God provided for us in a very good way, so I am thankful. I just had total freedom to sing and play the guitar, plus share the message God had given me, so it was a good time all around. Last week after Ginny and I had made the trip to Richmond for our final evaluation, (which we passed and were very thankful for that), Tony called and after giving me the good news about being approved, also ask if he could give me name to someone about speaking in their church, so that's how this past Sunday came about and it just shows how quickly God can make things happen! And today, after talking to some folks at Thomas Road Baptist Church, and Liberty University, the plans for the Block Party are just falling into place in a God blessed, heaven sent way! The main concern last week was that it just seemed like some folks who we thought were going to help with the BP seem to not be able to help after all. So it was a little trying the last part of last week, but I just know God is in this and today He showed us that by the person at Liberty telling me that about 15 or 20 students will probably come down with the trailer and help us with the events surrounding the Block Party! WoW! And they will even help us with the music too! Another WoW! And everyone including Cale Duncan, the students, and especially Debbie and David Wheeler have just been so nice and supportive, and very encouraging, so God is blessing me and the event hasn't even happened yet! And He said He would do exceedingly above all that we ask or think so...............look out! The best is yet to come! It's exciting to see how God has it all worked out, we just have to be faithful and follow His leading!

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