September 24, 2008

History Made!

One day after my 54th birthday and just 3 days after our fantastic Neighborhood Block Party in which we had a great turn out of between 150 and 200 people, we again had something very special happen. Last night on September 23, 2008 we had our very first Life Pointe Church Bible Study. Now while that may not be Big News to some, to me it is great! Even though we have had Bible Studies at our home before, this is the first ever, truly Life Pointe Bible Study! I was excited as a couple came in to Huff-Lane School and when I asked "could I help you, or are you looking for something in particular?" And when the man responded "Life Pointe" it made me realize not only how great God is to finally bring in to being a church that we have been dreaming about; working towards; and praying for, for literally months, and months, and months, but God also reminded me that I now am really the Pastor of a small group and that this is just the beginning of something Big that God has in store for us. It's exciting and was exciting as abou 15 people came in the library at Huff-Lane School and prayerfully will come back next week as I share Jesus with them. So while we haven't had our first true church service, we have had our first true Bible Study! Praise the Lord, and as Tommy Walker sings, "I Have A Hope!"

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