September 21, 2008

What A Mighty God We Serve!

Wow, here I am again with a "must post" situation even though it is almost 11:00 pm here on Sunday night, September 21, the day before my birthday! It seems God has already given me my present though, by exceedingly giving me such a blessed day, yesterday at the Block Party! I won't say that I didn't expect God to show Himself mighty, because since I serve a great God, I did expect great things, but still I am just sitting here now, amazed at what my God does for us and did for us, especially yesterday. Not only was it a beautiful, warm, Saturday with a gorgeous blue sky, but I was blessed so much by the Liberty University Students coming down to help and by their apparent willingness to give up a beautiful Saturday to just be used in any way they could to help show the love of Christ to the community. With face painting, moon walks, games, food, door prizes, and with over probably 200 people enjoying the day with us, I was just blessed out of my socks! We had the opportunity to share with many folks, both in person, and by means of a video entitled "Just Stop and Think" that God loves them, has a plan for them, and wants to forgive them and have a relationship with them. A couple of people even prayed to get things right with God so it was wonderful. Either they were making sure or making a decision for Christ and His salvation after being spoken to by the items presented in the film, so it was great if for no other reason that folks met Jesus for the first time, or got things right with Him, like they needed to! So it was a fantastic day! And we have a Bible study set for Tuesday, so the fun and blesssings will hopefully continue to flow there too, as we follow up on the contacts God allowed us to make yesterday! And I was even blessed yesterday, and again tonight by one of the LU students, whose name was Joseph, being willing to offer his help in the future as we have our Tuesday night Bible Studies. I told him to contact me and even last night, at almost 12:00 midnight he indeed kept his intentions and emailed me to again say he would just be willing to help out in any way he could especially working with the youth, which is indeed an area I could use some help with! Isn't it great that God sometimes supplies our needs, even before we can ask for it specifically. So I am continuing to be blessed and have a feeling I will continue to feel blessed by what great things God did for me and for us yesterday! To GOD BE THE GLORY!

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