September 19, 2008

A Must Post!

With my eyes so heavy that I am about to fall asleep, I still feel that I must at least post this very important thought before I head off to bed this Thursday evening. The thought simply is thankfulness. Thankful to the Lord for calling me and my family to plant a church and in just 48 hours we will have the biggest event we have sponsored yet in stepping closer to that goal of planting Life Pointe Church. I just finished counting up door prizes that I have been securing for the past 2 months or so, and God blessed so much in that we have between $500 to $600 worth of door prizes for our Block Party! God is great and so good to use in supplying what we need! And so with the prizes and the Liberty Group coming down and with me and my friend Cecil going to Lynchburg tomorrow to pick up the Block Party Trailer so it will be here on Saturday, and with Ginny picking up last minute things tomorrow and with Andy helping with the lists of items and activities that we are going to have on's definitely an exciting time! And a pivotal time for our church I believe, so yes I am excited with all that we have done by God's grace and all that we are planning on Saturday, looking for our Great God to do Great things, but again I am.........................thankful. Thankful for a loving God who choses ordinary people like us to do perhaps some extra-ordinary things for Him. I am indeed thankful. Praise the Lord, we are on the verge of seeing some Big things happen in the life of Life Pointe! Let us, as Steven Curtis Chapman would say, "Saddle Up Our Horses....We got a trail to Blaze!"

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