September 10, 2008

Exciting Things!

Rarely does someone jump up and down or get real excited when the mail comes, but then again maybe if it's a letter from someone special or a BIG check, or just something that is expected, maybe a person might get excited, but I was somewhat excited today when the mail came because the postcards I ordered several days ago for our church came. They have information about the church on them, our church name of course, the ways in which to contact us, but they just remind me of just how far we've come in the venture for God. Months and months ago, we were just thinking and considered stepping out in faith and planting a church. Then came the talks, the training, the studying, the reading, the praying, and then of course the working out of so many details, etc. But more importantly God began working on all of us, that is Ginny, Andy, Ashley, and me to prepare us better for being a family that's planting a church. And of course I could say so much more about that, but just getting the beautiful cards today that promote what God wants us to promote; and knowing we are going to have a Big Block Party on September 20, and hand out a lot of those cards to folks we don't even know as yet, and folks that prayfully might just be a part of Life Pointe Church.....that's why I was excited when the mail came and when the cards came.....and when I'm reminded that God is so good and has so many good things in store for us in the future! Praise His Name!

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