October 3, 2011

Growth Update

Again, when I check in on this blog spot, I am always amazed that it has been so long since I have posted! I really do need to just write down one or two things about once a week and that way it would be easier than trying to back track and recall everything that is going on or has gone on at Life Pointe Church and in the life of the Moser family. Anyway, I will now try to jot down a couple of things. In my last entry I mentioned Joey Patterson and how he is a blessing to me. Joey continue to bless my heart as someone who has been radically saved and changed by the love and power of Jesus Christ. It was my honor, joy, and blessing to be able to baptize Joey just two weeks ago, on September 18th, and to fulfill one more step in Joey's desire to live for Jesus. His mom, sister, and friends were there to support and celebrate Joey's baptism and goal to live for the Lord. Jesus truly has done a miraculous change in Joey's lfe. As he calls me often and as I talk and try to mentor him, both Joey and I are blessed to see what God is doing through us both and of course Life Pointe Church! Yesterday, on October 2nd, we had some visitors at Life Pointe which was exciting but also encouraging as they pointed out that our church banner, hanging on the fence of the school, had caught their attention, thus causing them to check out our website, which resulted in them coming to visit us yesterday! That was great! Not only to have them visit but just to know that our banner and website are being used to help people find us; I sometimes wonder but it's good to know that God is using various means to grow us. And finally, I had my ordination council meeting this past Saturday, October 1st, meeting with 5 men at Craig Valley Baptist Church. Answering some thought provoking questions is always a challenge but God blessed and I am on to the next step of becoming an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It's exciting. With Ashley coming in from Maryland for the weekend; Andy attending a KJV conference in Lynchburg at LU on Friday and Saturday, plus the ordination, we had plenty to do, but God was good. Andy continues to take classes at LU; Ashley is working on her Master's degree at the University of Maryland; Ginny continues to bless those who she comes in contact with at Round Hill, and I am trying to stay faithful and keep up with the church, school, driver's ed., and being a good husband, dad, and servant to Jesus. And, Ginny and I joined Green Ridge, an exercise facility which we hope will help keep us in shape. So with lifting, running, and doing water aerobics, life stays full!

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