December 13, 2011

Blessings Abound!

Here I am trying to remember to write down all the great hings God has been doing at Life Pointe, especially even lately! I know I won't remember all of them but I should at least try to jot down a few. Three weeks ago, Andy spoke and it couldn't have been a better message or a stronger working by God! Not only was I really proud of Andy but was just amazed and blessed by how God moved in the hearts of several people. One person, told me she had to go home and apologize to her brother for something she had said; another said she had lost her 3 year old son about 10 years ago and had been mad at God but that now she had finally let her anger go and realized God is in control and so now she was ready to start living for the Lord again; and yet another person said she just couldn't describe it but just knew there was something different at Life Pointe. When I suggested "do you think it is God?" she said "yes, I think it is!" So God is just so good and amazing! I am glad He gives evidence of His is just so confirming to the work He has called us to do. And I had my ordination service on the 2oth of November and got my license on the 22nd just 2 days later on Tuesday. About 20 people from Life Pointe come to support me at the service so that was encouraging and afterwards we enjoyed some nice hot soup with the Craig Valley Baptist folks so that was good too. Bill Grindstaff did a good job with the message and again I am humbled by what God has called me to do and who he has called me to a minister of the Gospel at Life Poine Church! And now here comes Christmas.....

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