July 11, 2014

Just thought I would post another quick post listing a few items God has orchestrated over the past few weeks! On the first Sunday of June we were still at Round Hill but the city school folks didn't really want us in there any longer. So when we were there the second Sunday too, I know they were not quite happy; still we then told them we had to be in there one more Sunday which was Father's Day and on that Sunday they had continued work so that a wall in the cafeteria was gone and the backyard was all tore up and gravel and dirt were in different places, so I knew we would have to be gone soon! So then after that 3rd Sunday, someone called and told us on Wednesday I think, that we definitely could not be in the school the following Sunday; seems we had exhausted our extended stay time but wouldn't you know it; we were told on Wednesday we couldn't be in the school anymore and then on Thursday, the very next day, were approved by the city inspectors so we could then move into our new building. Talk about closing one day and opening another one! Literally, that is what God did! So I love it when God is that clear to us! Takes out the chance of me messing things up! So we are enjoying our new home knowing it is where God wanted us to be! Amazing Grace and an Amazing God!

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