March 16, 2008

"Let's Go!"

We have now been going to Fellowship Community Church in Salem for the past several weeks and are enjoying the worship time. And thanks to Tony both Ginny and I were able to attend a Basic Training service on the first weekend in March and will attend another one the last weekend in March. The first Basic Training event was great, encouraged us, taught us, and reminded us that there are others doing exactly what we are doing, and it was so good to get to know all these special folks set out to plant a church where God has called them to. The weekend was a very, very, good one for us and Ginny and I got to pinpoint some of the things we need to keep in mind as we further our efforts and God’s calling to start His church. We really look forward to the next Basic Training and Andy and Ashley are going to go with us, so it ought to be great!
As a matter of fact, Andy, Ashley, and I have already got to attend an Evangelism Conference together which was held recently on March 11th at Green Ridge Baptist Church right here where we live in Roanoke, so that was really good to be so close and to hear God further speak to our hearts about what He wants us to do. It was time well spent. And I got to speak to somebody there from Liberty University about a recent email I had sent concerning an article I had read in the magazine put out by Liberty University. I am still not quite sure why I get the magazine but I think it’s a God Thing, because the magazine is both encouraging and gave me a great idea for our church. The article was about the use of a Block Party Trailer to put in your neighborhood to try and witness to the community and to give the folks a good time and reason to come out to a special event. There are snow cones, popcorn, moon walks, and lots of things for the neighborhood folks to enjoy all the while, student from Liberty can canvas the area and give the gospel as the opportunity arises. I thought, “what a great idea for us who want to plant a church and bring some folks in for that?” So God continue to work and bring things across my path to work out His amazing plan. And truly God is amazing and so good to us, and it still excites and yet humbles me to know that He has chosen us to do this great and mighty work. I am indeed grateful. So that about brings us up to the current time so I will try to keep up from now on as God teaches me and puts things on my heart to put into place for the exciting work He’s called us to do.
I will end this by putting down some thoughts from the book of Ezra that God gave me months ago that encouraged me so much and these thoughts come from chapter 3 where the folks there were called to lay down a new foundation so worship could be restored and God could be honored. I feel like that is what God has called me to do. To lay down a new foundation and although some folks will “weep” as the old foundation is replaced, I am glad that some folks will shout for joy as the new foundation for worship is laid and God will be honored by our praises, songs, and prayers. God has called us to do something special, I just know it and I look forward to the worship that we will all do in the future at our new church that God has so graciously given us the joy and responsibility to start. Let’s go!

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