March 16, 2008

"We could do this"

With all this happening in the fall, and with God testing us and growing us in our faith, I felt more and more God wanting to do more in my life and I knew that would mean some big changes. Some specific things or events come to mind with one of them being when we visited our daughter-in-law Ashley at her school in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Ashley was getting close to finishing at her college, Mary Washington University, and she and my son Andy surprised us by taking us to a large church on October 20 and then presenting us with tickets to a concert of my favorite contemporary Christian singer…………Steven Curtis Chapman! It was an great evening of enjoyment and worship and helped me to feel closer to the Lord. The next morning as we went with Ashley to her church, I walked in knowing that something special and exciting was going on there. And I started thinking………."we could do this”. God was planting or growing the seeds He had already been putting in my heart about doing something special for Him. The urging in my heart was as strong as it had been.
As we drove back to Roanoke later that day, my son Andy and I talked almost the whole way back about the possibility of ……………starting a church! It was exciting dreaming and envisioning all the great possibilities that God could accomplish with us starting a church. It was a giant step towards taking the leap of faith to start the church I believe God had called me to start. In the next week or so, I got the chance to talk to my daughter in law Ashley about the idea of starting a church and she was just as excited and in favor of it as my son Andy had been. It seemed that I finally was accepting the fact that starting a church was what I needed to be doing and to get started doing it! Of course I then went through the routine the next few days of feeling like I could conquer the world about every evening and waking up every morning of “can I really do this?” Then as more and more days passed, the doubts begin to leave and the feeling that I could do something great for God begin to be on a more continual basis. I knew for sure God wanted me to start or plant a church close by to where we lived.

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