April 27, 2008

Prayer Walks

I mentioned in another post that I had started my prayer walks several weeks ago on the street where we live. I must admit that up until our Basic Training sessions I hadn't really thought too much about taking prayer walks but it really does help. I'll go out at night usually and while I am walking our kitty cat Tory on a leash, I will pause (as much as Tory allows me to) in front of the houses of my neighbors and lift them up to the Lord and just ask that He work in their lives. There is nothing magical or mystical about pausing in front of a person's house and praying for them, it's just that this simple activity has helped me personally to visualize the needs of my neighbors and to condition and prepare my own heart so when the opportunity arises for me to speak to them, I am already focused on what I want to share with them. Up until now, I might have only noticed a neighbor for a few seconds going into their house. Now I try to picture them and what their spiritual needs might be and how God can use me to minister to them. I must admit that the simple act of taking a prayer walk has really helped me to better "know" my neighbors without saying a word. God is preparing me and I thank Him for that.

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