April 27, 2008

New Series in May

I want to start a new series in the month of May for our Bible study that we are currently having on Tuesday nights. The series is "Where's The Fire?" or subtitle: "Giving Your Faith Away!" It is really a series on seeing the need to witness to others and finding a comfortable yet effective way to do so. With many folks it often seems sort of like Neil Armstrong's statement when he walked on the moon, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!" when we try and witness to others. It's something that can be intimidating at times, but nevertheless something we can learn to do, need to do and are always glad we did! The series will cover the fears, excuses, and reasons we sometimes hesitate in sharing our faith, but then establish some useful, practical, and hopefully effective "tools" that anyone can use to better share their testimony and faith with others. And I believe I can benefit from this series just the same as anyone else and it's been good for me in preparing it because God has given me, especially since calling me to plant the church, a stronger sense of urgency and to boldly speak up and share with others their need for Jesus. Pray that all of us at the Bible study gain a new found confidence in sharing what God has done in our own lives with those around us that need to hear the good news of Jesus.

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