May 2, 2008

New Blessings!

Prayer walking continues to be a blessing to me. For those who don't know or remember what I'm talking about, several few weeks ago I simply started praying for those people who live right on the same street as I do. Since I had been walking Tory our cat on a leash for years, it wasn't really too much difference to add in a prayer as I walked. Now as Tory and I stroll along, I sort of pause as I pass the different houses and ask God to bless those who live in the house; bring them to a relationship to Himself; and provide me a way to share what the Lord as done in my own life. As I was walking up and down the street last night, I thought it would be so good to share with someone or simply to meet someone that God may just later use to become part of our church and be a blessing to others. As I was wondering which house or person God might use, a dog started barking and ran across the street to me. As I reached down to pet him, the person who owned the dog came across the street to retrieve him. We spoke only briefly but long enough to exchange names so that now I have a name to pray for. As I continued walking down the street back to my house, I couldn't help but ask.."Lord was that the person I was praying for?" Who knows, but it sure seemed like God gave me a quick answer to prayer if it indeed was. I was also reminded as I thanked the Lord for the opportunity He gave me to say hello, that as we pray for souls to come to Him, what could be more closer to His heart than the prayer for someone to be saved. After all, Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.

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