May 22, 2008

BLOCK PARTY in September!

In the past few days I am reminded that there are always details to work out as we plan events or activities for the church and that's to be expected so that's ok. (A little tiring sometimes but still ok!) And the minute you figure out one thing, then it seems there are a couple of other things to consider and finalize, but with all that said, and with a couple of meetings with different folks to help sort things out, it appears that our community wide BLOCK PARTY on September 20th is definitely an all GO! So on September 20, 2008 (a Saturday) we will conduct our community wide BLOCK PARTY to help folks have a fun day with the whole family and to invite them to be a part of Life Pointe Church. And more importantly that day, we hope to expose folks to the love and saving grace of Jesus and introduce them to the only person who is able to forgive their sins, provide eternal hope, and give purpose and peace to their lives. So whether folks become a part of the church or not, please pray that Jesus will be honored by our efforts and become the Savior of many of the folks who choose to attend the BLOCK PARTY that day. Things are exciting and God is working, and that alone is reason to praise the Lord! But I'm glad there are so many other things to praise Him for too, aren't you? I will be putting the details of the BLOCK PARTY on the blog page soon, but do keep the event in prayer, because God loves it when we pray!

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