May 14, 2008

Building News

Although it's nothing definite because I know there is still much work to be done, never-the-less, I was encouraged yesterday when I paid a visit to the main office of Roanoke City Schools to talk to someone about obtaining the building that I have been praying about ever since we have even thought about planting a church. I had wrote a letter about 3 weeks ago and after not hearing back from anyone I decided to go and check out what the situation was. It seemed when I got up on Tuesday morning that the Lord brought the building to mind and it just seemed like it was a good time to go and see what was going on with the process of obtaining it. I must admit I was a little scared to go because I didn't want to hear NO for an answer. But God reminded me that He is in charge so I made the visit and then learned that who I had previously wrote the letter to wasn't even the person who was in charge of renting the buildings. So, I was given another name to contact along with instructions on how to obtain forms, etc. to send with my request. At least I felt like I was now getting somewhere. When I was later able to check out the forms and prices on line, I again was a little hesitant to look at the price list but to my delightful surprise, the rental prices weren't as high as someone had mentioned to me before and I again was reminded that God will indeed take care of us and provide for us, especially when we are going about the business of winning folks to Him. As I mentioned at the first, I still have to fill out some forms and meet with some people, but the goal is clearer and nearer than I feel it use to be, so God is working! Praise His Name!

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