February 14, 2011


Today is our One Year Anniversary for Life Pointe Church! Since we started on Valentine's Day one year ago, of course we celebrated yesterday for our Sunday afternoon service, and what a service it was. It wasn't that we included a whole lot more or a lot of things different but I asked Brian Nicely, one of my former students and ballplayers from RVCS days and my sister Melanie to share what God has been doing in their lives. God has been so good and I, along with everyone else who attended yesterday, enjoyed very much what they heard Brian and Melanie talk about. So while we sany some good music, and looked a a few pictures, and enjoyed some great fried chicken afterwards, it was the highlight of my day to hear my sister talk about coming back to God in her life. I of course liked Brian's testimony too, especially since he has been through some very rough times, but to know my sister is where she needs to be with the Lord is just a blessing everytime I think about it and so it was so good to have her tell people, (for the very first time!) what God has done and is doing in her life. God is at work at Life Pointe and it is very evident and very real, so I am thankful, joyful, and very humble to know we are worshipping with God in our midst and watching Him work in lives every week as we get together and every day when we are going through our daily lives. God is good! It is a shame Andy and Ashley had to miss yesterday but with more pictures to show, Andy is the one to do that for me anyway. Thanks be to the Lord and Praise to Him for all He has done and how He blessed me with two great services yesterday; one in Giles County and one at our very own Life Pointe Church here in Roanoke!

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