February 6, 2011

February 6, 2010

Well today we continued with our Life Pointe 101 series and are now about to finish it with just one more message next week. I must admit, today seemed a little "dry" for me. I guess I am eager to get back to "messages" from God's word, not that we don't need these messages nor would I say that God has not worked with the sermons of the past few weeks. He has, that's for sure. Just last week, Brian asked me if I wouldn't mind baptizing him when the weather got a little warmer. I told him it would be my pleasure and that I am looking forward to it! And today was our very first Sunday afternoon life group and we started with a showing of the first half of FACING THE GIANTS, a great movie about being inspired to keep going even in the face of "giants" being all around us. With the movie about a coach of a Christian school, who coached football and the nic-name of the team being the Eagles, I felt like I was not only watching the movie but could easily star in it. I pray next week, as we watch the second half, that God will bless us with not only a good turnout but a working of His Holy Spirit to show us all that He wants to lead us past or through the giants that are in front of us right now. So while I felt like I was just teaching some more "facts" about the founding of the church and how we need to be solid in our faith, I will be glad to start with more Bible stories soon. So I pray God uses the words I offer and the activities we plan, and may all work to bring Him glory. We continue to see God work and wait for Him to show Himself mighty!

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