May 10, 2011

New Stuff!

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted something! And I've tried to post a couple of times and either can't get on or have trouble with my password. Oh, well, I'm finally on now! God has been so good to us, especially lately, so I wanted to record those things before I forget. Even now it seems so long ago since we were down at Huff Lane sometimes having 8 or 10 people for our Sunday service. And then, through God's leading, we came to Round Hill and it is evident God has been blessing! Perhaps I should work in reverse and that way I may remember a lot that has happened here lately. For example, last Sunday we had 26 people at our Sunday Service; the week before we had 28, and the week before we had 28 people for Easter! So God has blessed! And for Easter, we took pictures of everyone as they came in; plus put up our new banners both inside and outside the school; and it seems that God is still helping people to make decisions for Him. I am always proud of my sister Melanie and her family. Benjamin continues to want to be baptized and Melanie is thinking about that too. Plus Brian wants to be baptized and maybe Annette too. And Sarah, who we met at Chic-fil-a one night and then started coming and hasn't missed a time since then, wants to be baptized. But more importantly, Sarah has once again gained the assurance to know that she is saved and is asking tons of questions but that' fine, I am just glad she is learning and seeking God and what He wants her to do. And Sarah's husband was able to come on Easter and Sarah's mom came this past Sunday so that is good; no that's great! And this came when Ginny and I went over to Chic-fil-a one night to visit someone else, and Sarah just happened to hear us talk and was interested in a church home and well.....the rest is history as they say. And Corene and John have been coming the past few weeks. Corene was invited to church by Brian who had talk to Corene's dad at work, and in a round about way, she was looking for a church in her neighborhood and lo and behold God led her to us too! So I am just excited that people at deciding to follow God's direction; God is bringing folks to us; and decisions are being made! Hallelujah for all the things God is doing! I just can't believe we have come this far since we first started out! And so in June or in a couple of weeks, we will celebrate our very first baptisms at Life Pointe Church! It is exciting and God truly is doing abundantly above all that we ask or think! To him be the glory! What coming next???? I don't know but God is on the horizon with things, so it is bound to be great!

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