May 10, 2011

Last Sunday

I forgot to add in my last post that last Sunday was Mother's Day and Andy's Birthday, so I decided that would be a good day to finally pick a Sunday and say "We are Life Pointe Church" so that was our "Charter Sunday" if that is what we want to call it, so hopefully members will be added soon! We have been meeting for over a year now, but for the first time, we will truly have members, so look out....we may just start growing a whole lot now! Baptisms, church memberships, decisions, and who knows what else...! God is good! But it will also be good to get Andy and Ashley, who have been visiting Australia and New Zea-land, these past two weeks to get back in town. I really miss Andy when he's gone. He helps me so much with all the church media stuff, so it leaves a whole when he's gone, that's for sure. But again, God is good and is at work, so now in an hour or two we will have our Tuesday night Bible Study, so hopefully we will have a good time together!

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