June 4, 2011

What A Day That Will Be!

I know the title for this post is the first line of a song, but it also describes what will be happening at Life Pointe Church tomorrow, June 5th, 2011! Tomorrow will be our very first every baptism service and there are 6 individuals who are going to be baptized!! Praise the Lord!! I can't believe it will be 3 years since we started doing our very first events for Life Pointe Church. It was in June of 2008 that we first started showing movies in the community at Huff Lane School. Seems like only yesterday in some ways and forever in other ways. God has been faithful and has kept us faithful so tomorrow we rejoice in seeing lives changed and in folks taking one more step in their commitment to Christ. I want to "hit one out of the park" and make sure I do everything right to honor God and to show folks what a great church Life Pointe is. So I am little nervous but at peace with knowing God is with us and will bless us. I am also thinking of Andy, Tim, and Gene who are traveling to London and Paris this weekend and all next week. Guess we both will be making history so to speak and having the time of our lives!

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