November 21, 2013

Here it is, the day before the famous day in which both a president and a great man of God passed away. The president was John F. Kennedy and the great man of God was none other than C.S. Lewis. As for the other things going on this week, I have talked with Frank Haley and Keith St. Clair, both building inspectors for the city of Roanoke, in hopes of figuring out whether I would have to totally remodel the men's bathroom in our future Life Pointe Church home. As it is, we are going to just leave the plans "as is", that I submitted last week to the Building and Planning office downtown and just see if we can work out things when the inspector finally comes to visit our building and grant us a certificate of occupancy. Keith St. Clair said he would work with us and try to help us out so that was encouraging knowing someone is going to try and understand where we are coming from. It's not that I don't want to do what is required but I just feel we go above and beyond what we need to do at times. I appreciate Hughes & Associates and Martha Chester has been really nice working with me, so I do want to try and do what they recommend is best. But so far we have been able to change some of the plans we started off with and so I contacted Martha and discussed some of the things that were on the plans I finally was able to submit to the city. I am thankful for the things that we have been able to adjust, I just hope we can do that a couple more times concerning the bathroom fixtures, etc. God continues to bless and so as I went down and discussed the plans a week or so ago and then had the plans sent to me in a PDF file, and then sent them to Karen to run off for me, and then was able to submit them to the powers that be at the city office, I thought it was a good day! Then....Brett and Brian mentioned a couple of things on the plans, so then I contacted Martha this week and asked them about the things and some were explained and some had to stay as is, but again I am just giving them to God and let's see what happens! God is good! We continue to look for moving soon into the building so many people have worked together to make happen!

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