January 10, 2014

I can't believe I am finally able to type this entry on my blog page but here it is: TODAY WE ACHIEVED COMPLETION AND RECEIVED PERMISSION TO START WORK AND SOON MOVE IN TO OUR NEW CHURCH BUILDING!! I was so excited yesterday when I knew today would be the "closing" day but I wanted to wait and make sure and so today I called Tammi Woods the lady who helped us already change the occupancy rate by letting us include a potential 20% of our folks that come to Life Pointe as walk ups or bus riders so our rate went from 68 to 85; so today I called her to let her know the front of the building would remain "as is" and so after confirming that with her, she let the folks in the planning office know and so....I was able to go down and "close the deal" so to speak and finally get our permission notice or approval and work permit.  It was so exciting that I wanted to pray right there in the office but I just decided to do that in the car. And a woman named Jill Caldwell, was very helpful and made it so the church does not have to pay real estate taxes; that will save the church thousands of dollars so it was a good day indeed in the continual progression of us getting into our new church building and seeing God's Hand of blessing and provision.  Praise the LORD! I look forward to announcing the great news this Sunday!

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