March 2, 2014

Well here I am again trying to make up for not posting in such a long time; I just seem to either forget to post or just not take the time to record all the things God is doing and so much has happened since my last post in January. God is good and has been leading me and Life Pointe by making sure we see what direction to take as we prepare our new building on Williamson Road. And even though we might have been a little surprised by some things (like the roof leaking) we still know that God has His hand on us and what He has called us to do. So....for lack of a better way to record everything maybe I should just try to list the things that come to mind. and I can even begin with today or this morning, more specifically, when a couple of people decided to join Life Pointe, so things are good so I better get to listing!
1.  This morning, after the Sunday service, I was encouraged to have Chris and Karrie Sheppard decide to join Life Pointe, that is, they wanted to become members. That was great! And Chris and Karrie are related to Ben and Nikkie so hopefully Lucas and Renee and everyone will enjoy being together at the same church and being in the same family!
2. Yesterday we moved the front counter at Life Pointe's new building, which was very heavy and awkward to do but it now looks a lot better.
3. This past week, we had to deal with several leaks that have popped up at our new building; not that I am complaining because God knows all, and I fully accept everything that has came to pass but I will admit, the past few weeks have been a little tough at times. We have had to rip out all the carpet and put up many trash cans to catch the water and shovel snow, yes shovel snow, off the roof the building. So it has been an exciting past 2 weeks. But we have also finally patched up a few holes and it seems to be holding for awhile, but we still have work to do. The only estimate we have had so far is from Melvin T. Morgan and it was for....(are you sitting down, even as you read this?) $22, 750! I couldn't believe it either; so I have called several companies to get more estimates. So we'll see what happens and I know God is in control, so He will provide!
4. We had our very first service in the new building 2 weeks ago on February 16th, so it was very exciting on how God provided! It had snowed so we needed the parking lot plowed and it just so happened a former student of mine, Joe Casey, volunteered to come to that even though I did not ask him to. So while we were in Richmond for Lindsey, Joe called and offered to plow the lot. So I called him back and then when we got back to Roanoke, we went past the church parking lot and Joe was even there plowing as we came by. We talked and then I sort of felt bad to tell Joe that we had not moved into the building yet but would appreciate the lot plowed. As it turns out, we did need the lot plowed because the city of Roanoke had now plowed the school lot. God's infinite wisdom He provided a place where we could celebrate our 4th Church anniversary plus worship in our new building showing folks what it looked like.  The next day was when the 2 foot snow started melting and leaking through the roof but at least we had one service in it before we had to work on the leaks.
5. We continue to prepare the building and await this week for God to provide for our needs. It's exciting to be in this position because God will have to show Himself mighty but I know He can do that; He already has.
I think that sort of catches up on my posts so until next time! I just can't believe we have been Life Pointe Church for as long as we have and also have been holding services for 4 years now. God is good! And the best is yet to come!