May 1, 2014

It seems like forever since the first part of March...because now it's the first part of May!! I have in the last month experienced a kidney stone passing, which took a week to do, and experienced Easter which was a good reminder that we serve a risen Savior, and have also seen God's provision and handiwork in helping us to get our building closer and closer to moving in. The leaking roof is now take are of and is finished and so the laminate flooring is the next thing to be put in. Jim and Marjory continue to be such a blessing providing countless hours of work, cleaning, fixing up, and all sorts of "little things" that help make the building "home" for Life Pointe Church.  God is good! I talked with the folks who run All In One Solutions and just knew God wanted us to use them to fix our roof. And even though it rained several days making us plan around the moisture, God finally gave us the time we needed to get the roof done. And now, just this morning, I stopped by and spoke with Debby Williams who helped us secure the loan to be able to get into our building and so that was a good reminder of God's provisions for us. And I eat lunch with Joe Casey who has provided a refrigerator for the church, helped me load the laminate flooring, and helped us with some other things as well. God is just using folks to help me as I continue to serve Him faithfully at Life Pointe. Confirmation on what we are doing seems to be constantly given to us by God. So....let's keep marching on for Him. I am excited that we have done the things we need to but yet another trip to the Building Planning, and Zoning folks this morning after my meeting with Keith St. Clair yesterday is in the works, but God will work things out, so again, the people He's placed in my path to help and encourage me are numerous.  We are nearing our "debut" for the new building, so it's just like God to do some extraordinary things to put us in there!

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