May 21, 2014

Today is May 21st. It is very warm at 80 degrees and that's good; it's good because it is always better to put down asphalt when it's hot outside and hopefully, prayerfully, that's what will happen very soon at our new church building. I spoke yesterday to an old friend and neighbor from Giles County whose name is Eugene Lucas. He now own Lucas Paving here in Roanoke. I saw him several months ago at the Green Ridge Recreation Center when I was exercising and went over and spoke to him and ended up talking for several minutes. I can remember our Moms being good friends years ago at the Olean Church of the Brethren up on Big Stony Creek when I grew up when I was a little boy. I spoke to Eugene and told him about our church and mentioned paving and he said "if you ever need any help, let me know" or something to that effect. And I though we were going to have to use concrete for our new wheelchair ramp but as it turns out after speaking to a few people about the requirements it turns out we can asphalt the back entrance, so.....I called Eugene on Monday and yesterday met with him about putting in our sloped entrance at the back door. And I called him last night and he said they may even get to it today, so I sure hope that happens! Ginny and I have been over at the building for the last 2 nights until around 10:00pm painting and staining so slowly things are getting done and getting more ready to open for our first true service in the remodeling new church building. God is good!

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