May 16, 2014

Here it is May 16th and I do think God is refining me and our family. About a month ago I passed a kidney stone; then last Saturday I got a stomach bug which kept me sick either going to the bathroom or throwing up all day Saturday and let's not fail to mention the killer indigestion that accompanied this bug. Then I passed it on to Ginny who seemed to finally give it to Andy, so all of us have had our turn at it. Then this past Wednesday night after Bible study, Hokie got out the screened in back porch door and we haven't seen him for 2 days now. We are praying and trying our best to trust God to keep Hokie safe but boy it's been hard these past few days and weeks. At least the floor is now down in our new church building; it is down in the sanctuary (we did that last Saturday with the help of Joe and his friend Roy) and then Jim and Marjory have been busy this week putting it down in the hallway and in the room right beside the kitchen. It looks great with the walls painted the way they are and the roof is holding up well with these last few days of hard rain, so things are getting done, it's just tough with the trial coming at us too. So I pray for Hokie to come home and for us to continue to get things done at the church building. And the plans were approved that were revised by the architect last week by the folks downtown in the building and planning office, so God continues to bless us and our work and I know He is with us whether we are fighting a cold, bug, fixing up the building or finding our Hokie. He is a BIG God so He can do all these things; we just need to keep trusting.

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