May 28, 2014

For the past few weeks, God has been teaching me and us as a family some patience or trust issues. Whether it be a kidney stone, or our kitty cat Hokie being gone for 2 days and then coming home, or more recently, our credit card number being "stolen" 2 times in about 2 months, it just seems God wants us to trust Him better, so we are trying to do just that. Yesterday for example, we finally got our new credit cards from the credit union; then last night, after I put the groceries in the van from the shopping cart, I pushed the cart back to the cart corral and did not realize that I had left Ginny's purse in the cart. We drove off only to realize that so we returned within 5 to 8 minutes and her purse was already gone. No one turned it in to the store, and we didn't see it anywhere and we checked places over and over again. day after getting our new cards, we then cancelled them and ordered new cards yet again today. So, God is testing and so we need to trust Him and let Him find this pocketbook the same way He found Hokie. I also got some bills take care of at Home Depot and Lumber Liquidators so after checking with the SBCV on Tax Exempt status I think we are good. So things are getting done and the Lord is still in charge. And finally, remembering a few minutes ago that my good friend Greg Alderman is having open heart surgery today puts a lot of these things in a different perspective, so that just reminds me not to fuss or worry because there are always much bigger things to be concerned with. I love Jesus and the fact He counts me as a student to learn His lessons,

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