June 11, 2013

Here it is June 11th, and in the past week I have had a couple of things I should have recorded but am just now doing so.  One of the special things occurred on June 6th when Ginny and I celebrated our 32nd year together as a married couple! 32 years! That's amazing but especially in today's times when folks seem to take the easy way out so often, so I am very thankful to the Lord that He gave me Ginny many years ago and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that both of us have been called to be the church planters of Life Pointe Church which humbles me so much to do that God still has much for Ginny and me to do as we mature both as a couple and in our faith.  Andy and I have continued to practice driving since a few weeks ago, he got his learner's permit which made me very proud of him.  The first day he got it, we went out driving, so that was very cool! And on May 30th I finally called, after waiting for the SBCV call me earlier that week, to find out whether we were to get another more up to date appraisal for our new church home or not; instead I must admit it still seems a little trying at times in that the folks at the SBCV just want to make absolutely sure we have considered all the options and "fringe" items that they think we might have overlooked but so far I feel I am answering all their concerns and questions and still feel God's peace so as we continue to confirm that God does indeed want us in this building, it will be a day of praise that's for sure! Ginny and I just came from there tonight, again dreaming, measuring, and praying for God to open the doors to put us in a place I am just so sure He has set aside for us to worship Him.  So it continues to be exciting as we wait upon the Lord but also a test of our faith but we're going to pass the test, so praise the Lord and let's keep soaring!  btw, I just have to add that last week was one of those weeks that I even felt more like a pastor in that I got up to exercise with Ben on Tuesday morning; ate breakfast with Lucas on Wednesday morning; took Andy down to catch his bus at about 5:30 on Thursday morning and ate breakfast with Steve Love on Saturday morning.  And then this past Sunday, June 9th, we went to eat with Bill and Maxine for lunch after our Sunday service, and then went after that to pick some strawberries in Stewartsville, so it was a busy afternoon and then we even went over to Joey and Kate's new house near plantation Road to see  how they were doing and as we drove by they were standing in the yard, so we continued to have a busy day yet I felt Ginny and I were be the good "pastor and his wife" to those in our Life Pointe Church family, so it's just neat to watch God grow us and be so evident right before our eyes!

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