June 23, 2013

Today is June 23rd and we are fast approaching the end of June.  Next week is going to be an exciting Sunday, on June 30h, for it is on that day we are going to take up a special offering for our building fund.  Today someone gave a check for $400 and it's things like that that cause me to start getting misty eyed realizing God is providing for our needs in such a real way.  We also looked at some chairs yesterday that Brian saw on Craig's list, which he told me about, so I in turn contacted the person, then Ginny and I went to see them last night and so for $15 a piece we are going to get 100 chairs for our new church home! Again Jehovah Jireh, my provider, is supplying our needs! He is in this as clear as day....I just pray the SBCV sees that soon so we can get in and start remodeling some things to make our new home special! God I good and I count it a blessing to be His servant!

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