August 28, 2013

Well, here it is almost at the end of August and once again I feel like I have been a little lax in my posting efforts. As for the building we are soon going to call home for Life Pointe Church, the situation is still one that calls for patience so in some ways, not a lot has changed from my last post, however, I asked the Life Pointe family to pray about 4 A's and so far, the first 3 are just about done. Our application, was received; our application was approved; and now the appraisal has been done and we are awaiting the results which the appraiser told me that he would have it done the first part of the week and today is Wednesday, so I would think for sure that he will call the bank tomorrow with his results. soon as the bank calls, we can then meet with Gary Francisco, the owner and hopefully do the last A which is find an Agreement on the price of the building. I must admit I think I was more excited months ago about getting into the building and I felt like momentum was on our side and now has lessened a little bit; but God's timing is perfect so even if I wanted to get into the building weeks ago, God has a reason for letting us wait until now.  And so, I just pray we can get into the building and that we will be just as excited as we have been when we first thought of the possibility of moving into a new church home! And so...we wait...and we pray, and we look for BIG things from God because He is a BIG God! I went over this past Sunday and walked around the building 7 times like Joshua did around Jericho, and then today I went over and took some pictures to share on Sunday. It was good to see Lucas sitting in the parking lot while I was at the building because it is always nice to share the vision with someone so I appreciated seeing someone while I was there! May God give us the call tomorrow from the bank and then give us as a church family a CALL to step out in faith and grow as His church!@ Praise the Lord!

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