October 27, 2013

This past week was a very busy one as usual in the process of finally getting into our new church home! Consider that on Monday, I was told I needed an insurance policy on me before the bank loan could be finalized. We had just got an insurance policy on the building in the last week or so and that was finally settled, so now I need more insurance! So...on Tuesday I filled in an application and then on Wednesday I got my blood taken for tests, etc. by a nurse at my house and the results for some of that testing came back on Saturday, so at least the results are going to be fast,....hopefully! And then I have spoken to the architect firm several times. For instance on Tuesday, I sat down with them to finalize those plans only to discover I didn't really like any of the 5 things suggested for our building. We may have to finally put in a handicap ramp where the existing steps are now, so I finally got that option on Friday, so I may just do that now. Today at church we had a leadership meeting and everyone gave me what they thought, so now...I go back to the architect firm tomorrow and let them know what we decided. Then they submit their plans to the city building inspector and we go from there. So we continue to wait at times, push ahead at times. and look forward to getting into our new church home maybe even this week.....THIS WEEK! I can't believe I am typing those words, could we actually be close to closing and getting in our building...it sure has been a long time coming but God is good, so prayerfully this is it! Finally! And on a note of good news....Lindsey joined the church today and I just know good things are ahead for all of us! She is a blessing and hopefully we will be a blessing to her as well! I'm glad she is going to be with us and help us as we grow in Jesus!

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