October 6, 2013

Well, here it is the 6th of October already! Yet another month as time flies along like a Stealth bomber! Several things have happened recently that I need to record on my Life Pointe blog page so that when a lot of these things come to pass, we can look back and rejoice to know that OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD...and yes, He reigns from both heaven on high and here in our little corner of the world. Last week I finally was able...to....(drum roll please) sign the contract for our new building! While that makes me smile and rejoice, I am quite aware there is still much to do. But I want to make sure and thank the Lord as He brings things to pass. For one, getting the contract signed took: 1)me talking to the Life Pointe Leadership Team and running things past them; 2)me getting my friends John Fralin and Steve Love to check out the building and the heating and the A/C, and then me getting an architect to walk through the building and both listen to me share Life Pointe's plans for the future plus get an idea for what the building looks like now. So then I also, in addition to signing the contract for the building, also received the contract from the architect this past week and was able to sign and return it to the office this past Friday. So...things are happening! So now this morning at church on Sunday at 11:00am, I share some of the victories God has given us recently plus showed a general rough draft of the new building and hopefully spurred some folks onward as we look forward to getting in our new church home! It's exciting but I admit sometimes the waiting has taken a little of the momentum from us, so I am praying that God gives us that back in BIG fashion and we continue to be a light at Life Pointe! Now, we hopefully and prayerfully CLOSE on our building this coming week and then we can go in and so some things, like at least clean off the cobwebs from the front doors! We must continue to pray and be faithful as we march ahead for the Lord and as we seek Him in all that we do.  Hopefully, moving day is soon!

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