June 6, 2014

Andy and I worked hard last night, getting a small hole dug so we could put up our handicapped sign at the new church parking lot. Being a small hole, it still took a strong steel dig bar to make it through the present pavement and down through the hardened ground. But, nevertheless, we made it with Andy even digging our some of the dirt and gravels with his hands and a plastic spoon. I told you it was small hole! But the sign is in the ground; now we just need to concrete it in for permanency. Ginny and Tamra have also been busy painting the teen room with some bright, stripes, and it really looks good! So things are coming along quite nicely. May God continue to bless our efforts to honor Him with our new church home! I know I sure couldn't have done this without the sacrificial help from a lot of people. Thank you all for what you have done! May God richly repay you!

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