June 3, 2014

Well, once again God provided for us in a special way. We went to Lowe's last night, (Ginny and I) and we went to pick up some things to help us put our handicap sign up at the church. I was talking to a Lowe's employee when another employee close by heard me mention that we had to fix up a parking space for someone to park that was handicapped. I mentioned that we would have to get a stencil to paint the wheelchair symbol on the pavement. The woman who heard me talking said "we've got a stencil in the back that someone use and brought back." She wondered if we were interested and I thought, "wow, by all means, yes we are interested!" She was sure that it had been marked down and that a manager would even help us further with the price. Boy was she right! The stencil sold for about $100 new and then they had it marked down to about $33.61 but then when the first employee called a manager, it turned out that the manager said we could have it for $20.00!! Wow, that's a 1/5 of the original price. So we took that and also some blue paint plus a pole to put our sign on and some bolts and nuts, so we may just get our sign up sooner than we thought! God is good and has provided for our needs once again in a super way! Now, if God will only give us a panic bar for our back door.....we're trusting!

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