January 28, 2009

Sharing My Faith

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last entry but never-the-less I have been doing some exciting things! I still haven't gotten over (and hope I never do) the class I took at Liberty University a few weeks ago with David Wheeler that covered Evangelism and the several ways in which to share your faith. I really appreciated the class and the fact God spoke to me so clearly about stepping out and telling more folks about His saving Grace. I have been more alert to spot opportunities to share what God has done for me and especially using a Servanthood type of outreach, that is look for opportunities to serve others so you can share with others. I spent several hours yesterday doing just that with a neighbor that I have been praying for, for the last couple of months. It's amazing, I started prayer walking and asking God to open doors and give me opportunities to share and I go from not even knowing this neighbor's name to sitting down with him for over two hours yesterday and talking! God is good and He is answering my prayers and giving me a chance to share my faith without fear! It's awesome and I thank God so much!

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