March 22, 2009

God Is Growing Us And Life Pointe Church!

Wow, it's been so long since I have posted but it's certainly not because God isn't working! As a matter of fact God seems to be growing Life Pointe in just the way He wants! Ginny continues to be a blessing to a family from Nepal that she spends a lot of time with, helping with shopping, helping to locate jobs for some of them, and just in general showing the love of God to them. Just last weekend, we took them to see the Passion Play at Shenadoah Baptist Church. God give me the idea to just "show" them what Christ has done for them, and I thought what better way to show them, that to literally show them with the Passion Play. They seemed to enjoy it and even had some questions about it later, so that was very good. To be able to witness to a family from a Hindu background just shows how God is giving us an opportunity to witness for His glory. And to make it so they could "see" how Christ died on a cross to pay for their sins and mine was just so good since it was so vivid. God is just so good in His timing! What better time of the year to show people whose religion doesn't really believe in a resurrection that Easter time? And just yesterday I was able to share the love of God with a family that seemed to be going through some tough times but also seeking to put God more into their lives, and I think just by showing the kindness that I did, God received glory and got even more of their attention so I was very blessed to be a part of God's plan to draw a family closer to Himself. God just confirmed every thing He told me to do by giving the person I shared with a receptive heart and an open heart to see how God is working. The person even expressed an interest in maybe coming to Life Pointe Church in the future, so again God is growing His church in just the way He wants to grow it and I couldn't be happier! So no, we may not have a 100 on Easter morning, but we are slowly reaching out to those famlies that God brings into our lives and I'm thankful that God uses us to touch one life at a time! Jesus often did the same thing when He was here on earth, so we are copying the Master's way of reaching out and blessing those we come in contact with, so we must be doing exactly what we are suppose to bge doing! Praise the Lord, it's going to be a great Easter weekend with not only some good family and food time but good reminders that God is alive and well and working through us all the time!

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