March 22, 2009

Monthly Movie Madness!

Well, here it is about 12 midnight on Saturday, March 21st, and we are finally home from our Monthly Movie Madness night. It was a little disappointing in that after having 52 people last month, we only had about 17 there tonight, but again the Lord reminds me that it is not the number but the folks that are there that count. And we did have several that come to our Tuesday night Bible Study that were there tonight so that was good also! And the movie was good, (BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE), because it was a good reminder to me that if a little girl with a dog can remind people to live joyously, then I, who knows Jesus as Savior, sure can too! We continue to stay faithful and look forward to seeing God work in the lives of those who He brings to us!

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