March 7, 2009

God is so Good!

I know it's been awhile since I have posted something but that sure doesn't mean God hasn't been working in our midst. As a matter of fact, it's amazing how much He does work in our lives and the opportunities He gives us to bear the news of Him and tell others of His greatness. I am still working on sharing my faith better with others and look for opportunites and I can't believe how much He gives Ginny the opportunity to use her gifts also! For example, I just came back from eating some snacks at the apartment of a family whose little girl goes to Huff Lane School. Ginny take such an interest and such good care of some of the children at Huff Lane and since Binita and her family are from Nepal and do not speak English very well, she is definitely one to share the love of Christ with. And although Binita does speak English very well for someone who has just moved to America 4 months ago, the whole family is still very much in need of someone to look after them and help them, so Ginny has been doing that very well. Giving them gifts, taking them places, and helping them is a joy and a gift that Ginny enjoys using so much! And as a Christian and the pastor of a new church, what better way to serve Jesus than to share our love and faith with a family that has grown up mostly in a Hindu culture all their lives. And we thought you had to go out of the country to be a missionary to foreign families! God seems to be bringing them to us instead! So God is working and as David Wheeler, a professor I had for my LU Evangelism class reminder us: "Find a place where God is working and jump in and start helping Him work." I think we have done right here in Roanoke and with Life Pointe Church!

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