March 17, 2009

Staying Faithful While Waiting On God!

I remember David Wheeler telling us in my Evagelism class at Liberty to "find out where God is working and then jump in and help Him" or something to that effect, and he's right. That's where the joy is, to find where God is working and then roll up our sleeves and jump right in. I think we are where God is working. Tonight we had about 8 people in our Bible Study and Ginny had 9 in where she was, so that's 17 people at our Tuesday night Bible Study, so PRAISE THE LORD! We are where God is working! And then when we took Binita home I had the opportunity to meet a few folks, invite them to the movie this Saturday, and then tell them about us planting a church. Turns out......that's what they are doing! They too, are planting a church...a home church, but it was neat to find some believers to chat with! God is just so good; who knows He may be lining up things that we don't even know about! I have prayed for a core group, so maybe God is putting one together for us! God knows what we need, so I will wait and be faithful and just know that the best is yet to come!

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