June 4, 2008

God Is Good All The Time!

I know God is good all the time but on some days He really outdoes Himself and shows Himself mighty in ways that can only be Him! Today is one of those days! When I arose this morning I soon was talking to Andy and Ashley and found that they had stayed up till about 2 a.m. working on things for the church. That alone blessed my heart knowing they share the same vision I do and are willilng to sacrifice sleep and are excited to keep right on working even though it's late. They shared with me what they were working on and ways to make our summer outreach ideas even better! And I was excited just hearing about their ideas and how we could implement them. Andy had designed a flyer with Ashley's ideas in mind and I thought they were great. After talking for awhile I had to get on to school, but I was blessed to see how much effort and time Andy and Ashley both had put in to helping make our summer outreach and thus the church to be as effective and encouraging as it can be! Then after arriving at school I emailed a person who is vital to granting us permission to do certain things this summer and after praying and giving the matter to the Lord, He just seemed to say, "I'll take care of it!" And then he gave me the verse as I was praying, "If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us" and I just felt peaceful after that and knew that He would indeed take care of it and take care of us. I just thought, what could be more His will than this, when we are trying so hard to reach the people of the community and to provide hope and a connection to the church that I believe He will use to reach so many people. So I had peace and as it turned out, a few hours later, I learned that the person had indeed said "ok" to our requests and God had helped us take not a big step, but a giant leap in the direction we need to go! So praise His name for His answer to prayer and His confirmation that we are right smack dab in the center of His will! The blessings didn't stop there though, for when I got home from school, I found that Andy had established a spot on FACE BOOK for me and Ashley had found out some news about showing our movies this summer. Again, I thought God is so good and I am grateful, thankful, and surprised and excited at just how much our Good God can accomplish through us and others all in the span of one day! I'm grateful for Andy and Ashley's invaluable help and for a God that just has blessed me over and over today! God is good all the time but today He was, as Tony the tiger would say................... GRRRRRRRRREAT! Makes you wonder, what is our Great God going to do next??!!

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