June 9, 2008

God Is Working!

God continues to show Himself mighty and open doors and just bless situations when we need His help! I went today to check on getting a banner made for the upcoming movie nights that Life Pointe wants to do this summer as an outreach to the community, so before I even got out of the car I just bowed my head and ask the Lord to bless as we do the work He's called us to do for the church, and whether it's small details, or big ones, just bless us and work things out so we can accomplish much for Him. I said "amen", then walked in to the office and ask to speak to someone I had worked with long ago. He came out after a few mintues, remembered me, offered me help, showed me the colors I wanted to use, gave me encouragment and by the time I left, had gave me a price that was probably half of what I was expecting to pay. Again, God provided more than I ask and gave me a "lift" just by showing me He is in what we are doing and will take care of all the things we need to get done. It's humbling to know the God who made the universe takes time to work out a price on a banner. He's good to us and if we all can just keep that in mind I know we will "worry" or "wonder" a whole lot less on how we are going to get things done.

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